2018 YPF cost-share program: Now accepting enrollments

By YPF Communications

Farmers who attended the March Watershed-wide Conference heard about the 2018 cost-share program and had the opportunity to enroll. If you missed the conference, you can still sign up! Download an enrollment form at yaharapridefarms.org/cost-share-program/


$40/acre – Up to 50 acres Cover crops are grasses, legumes, small grains or other crops grown between regular grain crop production periods for the purpose of protecting and improving the soil. One of the major reasons for growing winter cover crops is to reduce soil erosion. The most common cover crops in our region are fall-seeded cereals, such as rye or wheat, and fall-seeded annual ryegrass.


$20/acre – Up to 100 acres Low-disturbance manure injection places manure below the surface where it adds nutrients to the soil and avoids adding phosphorus to waterways. Surface application of manure is more susceptible to run-off, whereas injecting or incorporating manure into the soil minimally disturbs the soil while decreasing the likelihood of runoff.


$15/acre – Up to 100 acres Strip tillage is a conservation system that uses minimum tillage. Farmers use strip tillage as a way to combine the soil-drying and warming benefits of conventional tillage with the soil protecting advantages of no-till. Strip tillage can be easily identified in the field by looking for darker, disturbed soil only in the portion of rows that will contain the seeds. In 2016, 917 acres were enrolled (165 acres cost-shared) with a total of 703.4 pounds of phosphorus delivery reduced.


$55/acre – Up to 50 acres This year, low-disturbance deep tillage will be cost shared in combination with cover crops. Low-disturbance deep tillage involves using a tillage tool that does not mound or ridge the soil like traditional cultivating or discing. Low disturbance deep tillage pulls through the field to remove excess soil compaction and increase water infiltration. This is an excellent method for those who plan to use no-till planting in the spring.


Headland Stacking – for winter application only – $3.50/yd

Composting Manure – enroll in pilot program, payment TBD

Stacking of multiple cost-shared practices – payment TBD

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Natalie Endres2018 YPF cost-share program: Now accepting enrollments