2014 Ag Innovation Days

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about new conservation technologies and network with field experts!

The 2nd Annual Ag Innovation Days are scheduled for October 21st and October 23rd 2014 with rain dates on the 22nd and 24th, respectively. The first day, the 21st, will be held at Lonny Hahn’s field and will feature vertical manure injection demonstrations, cover crop test strips, a cover crop dig to look at root growth of the various cover crop seed type/seed type combinations, manure spill response demonstration, educational videos about composting, and exhibits from field experts.

The second field day, on the 23rd, will be held at a Blue Star Dairy field and will be more focused on conservation tillage, with strip till runs, vertical manure injection demonstrations, educational composting videos, and exhibits. Both days will discuss the soil and water quality benefits of utilizing the different conservation practices as well as provide information on how it affects farmer’s bottom line.

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Natalie Endres2014 Ag Innovation Days