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Conservation management practices are quickly evolvingFarmTours
within the Yahara Watershed. Farm tours are a great way to learn about and experience these innovative land management practices, while also being able to see the entire farm operation. Yahara Pride Farms will be hosting educational farm tours in Dane County to inform tour attendees of the farm’s history, phosphorus reduction practices, farm operations and the farm’s connection to the watershed.

The tours entail stops at various farm fields to learn about conservation management practices such as buffer strips, cover crops, erosion-control, etc. Nutrient management plans are also highlighted. Participants will leave with a better understanding for how specific management practices affect the watershed, how different field and animal operations are contrived, and with an understanding of the complete cycle of the Yahara Watershed.

Tours will include learning about Snap-Plus, a nutrient management planning software developed to evaluate phosphorus indexes and provide crop nutrient recommendations. USGS edge of field monitoring stations, which are used to analyze sediment and nutrient runoff entering our waterways, will also be discussed.

This is an important component of Yahara Pride Farms’ educational efforts to promote awareness of conservation practices happening in our watershed and bridge the gap between the urban and agricultural communities.

Learn from the stewards of Dane County’s land; upcoming farm tour dates will be posted at

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