Farmers in Yahara Watershed dramatically reduce phosphorus delivery in 2017

Yahara Pride Farms has just released its 2017 Annual Report that documents information and research on the reductions in phosphorus delivered to nearby surface waters by farmers in the Yahara watershed in 2017. YPF has measured on-farm results for five years, and this is the second year that an annual report has been compiled to share program outcomes with the public.

Highlights of the report include:

  • A commitment by farmers to reduce soil loss and phosphorus to the Madison chain of lakes
  • Documentation about how specific farming practices are reducing phosphorus
  • The data set is made up of farms in the Yahara watershed, all numbers are from the Yahara watershed
  • Data shows that farms are reducing phosphorus loses from their fields
  • Long-term, this report provides hope and assurance that agriculture nutrient losses are being addressed
  • More than 18,000 lbs. of documented phosphorus reduction in 2017
  • There are barriers to water quality in Dane County, such as legacy phosphorus, that are beyond farmer’s control

Download the report and learn more on our website.


About Yahara Pride Farms: Established in 2012, Yahara Pride Farms is a farmer-led 501c(3) non-profit organization that strives to preserve agricultural heritage while simultaneously encouraging farmers to engage in proactive environmental stewardship within the Yahara Watershed. Participating farms employ practices that result in the preservation and enhancement of soil and water resources for today, and for generations to come. In 2017, farmers in the program reduced phosphorus delivery to Madison lakes and the Yahara River by 18,000 lbs. For more information, visit

Natalie EndresFarmers in Yahara Watershed dramatically reduce phosphorus delivery in 2017