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Conservation Advisor



Primary function is nutrient management planning, implementation and monitoring; responsible for servicing/maintenance of conservation plans and assisting in the application of conservation practices in the field to help landowners with, winter manure spreading plans, erosion control and stormwater management plans; perform field reviews,; provide conservation technical assistance for planning design and construction certification of common conservation practices; prepare and present educational material and programs regarding conservation activities in the county; and to perform related work as required. The position also requires demonstrated knowledge in the professional application of erosion control and stormwater management practices for both urban and agricultural conservation purposes, demonstrated experience and knowledge of GIS and database software, and excellent written and oral communication skills.




  • Contacts landowners and operators to develop, update and monitor nutrient management plans using SNAP-plus,  RUSLE 2  software programs.


  • Contacts landowners and operators to review with them soil and water conservation issues on their units of land, to obtain physical data such as crop history, field arrangement, problem areas, and related information about the farm enterprise, suggests feasible alternative solutions to problems and assists the landowner in developing a conservation plan which is geared to the land capabilities and the desires and needs of the individual landowner or operator and applicable program requirements..


  • Contacts landowners/operators to follow up on conservation plans which have been in existence for some years; reviews status of plan, recommends   changes needed to improve water quality and reduce runnoff and encourages the landowners to continue to apply the agreed upon conservation measures.


  • Monitors and inspects status of various conservation plans, permits, agreements for program participants, determines need for, and schedules servicing assistance contacts.  Makes needed revisions to conservation plans, encourages landowners or operators to complete the application of needed practices.


  • Assists with surveys, designs, layout, inspection and documentation of conservation practices.  Plans are developed in accordance with applicable specifications and standards.


  • Prepare and present various educational material and programs regarding conservation activities in the county.


  •  Keeps daily records of activities, maintains records as assigned and assists in the preparation of reports.


  • Provides information and assists with application and compliance of government cost-share programs as needed




Education and Experience:  Any combination of training and experience equivalent to an associate degree in soils, agronomy, forestry, engineering, natural resources conservation or two years experience in the professional application of soil and water conservation practices including nutrient management planning and implementation using Snap Plus software.


Knowledge and Abilities:  Knowledge of soil and water conservation practices; knowledge of nutrient management planning under ATCP 50.48 and ability to run Snap-plus and RUSLE 2 models independently; computer and GIS software knowledge; surveying and inspection skills and techniques; ability to work effectively with a variety of individuals, public and private agencies. knowledge of farm operations; ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.


Special Requirements:  Post employment  to attain and maintain Conservation Planning Certification from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Certified Crop Advisor (CCA)  and Agricultural Engineering Practitioner Certification under ATCP 50.46. Possession or eligibility for a Wisconsin driver’s license and access to personal transportation.


Estimated Work

20-30 hours per week


Contract Cost: $30,000.

To Apply: Please send application materials to Don Heilman at

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