Spring 2014 Cost-share Program

This year, Yahara Pride Farms is offering a more robust cost-share program that includes discounted equipment, practices and services. Our goal is to increase the use of conservation in the Yahara watershed to improve soil & water quality.

Conservation in the Watershed

NEW Program Offerings for 2014

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Wipperfurth Brothers 2014 Rate:

Pumping at $0.007 per gallon, up to two miles

$15 per acre for toolbar use

500,000 gallon minimum

Two or less fields, 40 acre minimum

YPF Member: $10/acre for up to 80 acres

YPF Certified Member: $11/acre for up to 80 acres ~ additional $80

For questions or to sign-up, contact Jeremy Wipperfurth at (608) 235-3784. 

Converting to No-Till

$15/acre for up X acres with 3 year commitment

  • Improved soil health
  • Decreases erosion
  • Maximizes cover crop benefits
  • Increases organic matter
  • Improves water & soil quality
  • Increased nutrient retention

Additional cost-share options:


Cover Crops

YPF Member: $40/acre for up to 50 acres

YPF Certified Member: $50 /acre for up to 50 acres ~ additional $500 value



  • Improves soil health
  • Reduces erosion
  • Scavenges and retains excess nitrogen
  • Increase soil stabilization
  • Suppress weed growth
  • Add organic matter
  • Decrease phosphorus & other nutrient runoff

Strip Tillage

YPF Member: 40 acres FREE at $10/acre– 20 provided by Kalscheur Implement with a 20 acre match from YPF.

YPF Certified Member: 44 acres FREE ~ additional $40.

MX 290 equipped with guidance & Hiniker 6000 Strip Tiller

  • One trip tillage
  • Saves time & fuel
  • Faster soil warming in spring
  • Optional Nitrogen application
  • Maximizes soil moisture

Vertical Manure Injection

YPF Member: 10 hour FREE demo at $100/hour

YPF Certified Member: 11 hour FREE demo ~ additional $100.

Fendt 930 tractor, 5700 gallon Balzer & Manure Tanker Equipped with VTI Vertical Manure Injector.

  • High speed spreading in all types of residue
  • Minimal soil disturbance
  • Reduces Odors
  • Maximizes nutrients
  • Lower tillage costs
Natalie EndresSpring 2014 Cost-share Program