Vertical Manure Injection

What is vertical manure injection?

DSC_0118Vertical manure injection places manure 6-8 inches below the surface so it does not interact with runoff water during storms. It allows producers to inject manure into ground with high crop residue as well as through pasture ground, bean stubble, corn stalks, rain, snow and two inches of frost (VTI).

Environmental and economic benefits of using vertical manure injection:

By injecting manure directly into the soil verses spreading it on top, nutrients can be maximized while phosphorus runoff from the field is reduced. Using this system allows for faster application, reduced fuel consumption and the flexibility to apply manure in variable conditions and crop residue, increasing the value of the manure.

From the VTI creators:

High Speed – 3-10 MPH with excellent performance
High Residue – Heavy corn stalks without clogging
Low Draft Manure Injection – up to 15,000 gal per acre and up to 50% less draft than prior technology

  • Injects manure 6-8” below surface
  • 22” 8 x 13 Wave Blades – 1/4” thick
  • 12,000# Rated C Spring – with life time warranty
  • Heavy Duty Quad Seal Trunion Bearing w/2” Shaft
  • 3.5” ID Manure Pipe with H-D closing system
  • Adaptable to different bar sizes & drag hose systems
  • Other Blades Available for Different Soil Types
  • Built for Commercial and Custom Pumping Use

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