Press Release: 2013 Fall Field Demonstration Days


Contact: Rachel Fossum, Program & Outreach Coordinator
Yahara Pride Farms
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Yahara Pride Farms Hosts 2013 Fall Field Demonstration Days

As part of the Yahara CLEAN Strategic Action Plan for Phosphorus Reduction, Yahara Pride Farms, a non-profit affiliate organization of the Clean Lakes Alliance, is working to improve cropping, tillage and in-field practices on agricultural lands and will exhibit new technologies for these practices at the 2013 Yahara Pride Farms Fall Field Demonstration Days. The Field Demonstration Days will display cutting-edge strip tillage, vertical tillage and manure injection equipment, with the goal of promoting these new technologies to agricultural producers and expanding the usage of these technologies in the watershed. The demonstration days will be held at locations in Waunakee and Springfield and will run from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on October 22nd and October 24th.

The Yahara CLEAN Strategic Action Plan for Phosphorus Reduction enumerates fourteen specific actions with clear, achievable phosphorus reduction goals to improve lake water quality in the Yahara watershed. The actions promote proven, cost-effective urban and rural practices to address phosphorus pollution with the goal of achieving a 50% reduction in the average annual phosphorus load from direct drainage sources in the Yahara chain of lakes. As outlined in the Action Plan, 71% of the phosphorus load reduction in the watershed must come from rural areas. In order to move this action forward, Yahara Pride Farms implemented nearly 2,500 acres of cover crops in late September. This fall, they are also currently introducing new technologies to the watershed, including: 1,140 acres of vertical manure injection, a manure management method that places manure below the surface so it does not interact with runoff water during storms; 80 acres of vertical tillage, which is a land preparation method for growing crops that cuts down on residue to increase soil moisture; and 200 acres of strip tillage, a land preparation method that enhances seed germination. All of these conservation practices improve soil stability, which reduces phosphorus runoff by one pound for every acre implemented. With one pound of phosphorus producing 500 pounds of algae, these conservation practices on 3,920 acres of land have the potential to prevent nearly 2 million pounds of algae.

To date, Yahara Pride Farms has raised over $100,000 with support from Badgerland Financial, BMO-Harris Bank, Carl F. Statz & Sons, Kalscheur Implement Co. Inc., McFarlanes’, Pioneer, Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board and Yahara WINs.

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Tuesday, October 22nd: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at corner of Hwy V and Madigan Rd in Waunakee, WI
Rain date: October 23rd

Thursday, October 24th: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (includes cover crop plot) at 7462 Rauls Rd. at Lodi-Springfield Rd., in Dane, WI
Rain date: October 25th

Natalie EndresPress Release: 2013 Fall Field Demonstration Days