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Yahara Pride Farms  strives to improve water quality while balancing farm profitability.

Farmers: Cost share due Nov. 15

The goal of the cost-share program is to allow farmers the opportunity to test new, innovative technologies with minimum risk, in hopes that producers will see the benefits from the technology and incorporate the practice into their standard operations.

Enrollment for 2016 is due Nov. 15. Learn more and enroll.

Save the Date: Watershed Wide Conference – March 2, 2017

The annual Watershed Wide Conference is scheduled for Thursday, March 2, 2017 at the DeForest Comfort Inn & Suites (North Star Conference Center).

Registration information will be released after Jan 1 and is open to farmers, agribusiness, media and the community.

Are you interested in sponsoring the event? Check out our sponsorship program 

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rachelCertification. Cost-share. Research & Outreach.