Cost-share Program

To increase the use of conservation practices in the watershed, Yahara Pride Farms provides a cost-share program during the late summer and fall months. The goal of the cost-share program is to allow farmers the opportunity to test new, innovative technologies with minimum risk, in hopes that producers will see the benefits from the technology and incorporate the practice into their standard operations.

The 2019 cost-share program offers the following:

  •  Strip Tillage$15/acre for up to 100 acres (max. payment of $1500/farm)
  • Low Disturbance Manure Injection$20 per acre up to 100 acres (max. payment $2,000/farm)
  • Cover Crops$60 per acre for up to 50 acres of over-wintering crops and/or $40 per acre for up to 50 acres of non-wintering crops
  • Low Disturbance Deep Tillage and Cover Crop Planting$55 per acre up to 50 acres
  • Headland Stacking and/or Composting Manure – for winter application only – $4/yd
  • Composting Manure – payment TBD
  • Stacking of multiple cost-share practicespayment TBD

The deadline to enroll in the program is November 15, 2019.

Download (PDF, 139KB)

To learn more about the environmental and economic benefits of these practices, please click on the following:

Natalie EndresCost-share Program