Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with Yahara Pride Farms and show your support for sustainable agriculture.

If you are interested in participating in any of our projects or programs, please contact us at (608) 824-3250 or

What it means to be a Yahara Pride Farmer

A Yahara Pride Farmer is an active participant that utilizes our cost-share program and/or certification program and also attends our networking events.

What it means to a be Yahara Pride Certified Farmer

A Yahara Pride Certified Farmer is an active participant that has gone through our certification program and has received a score of at least an 80%.

Click here to learn more about the certification program.


  • Cost-share program: Discounted products & services, opportunities to test new technologies at a reduced risk.
  • Free event access: educational seminars & luncheons, farm tours, meetings & event outings
  • Subscription to the Forward Farmer Newsletter
  • Branding: Pride & recognition in preserving the Yahara watershed for generations to come.

Certification benefits

  • 3rd party verification of farm sustainability and best management practices
  • Free, valuable educational tool to identify conservation strengths and weaknesses
  • Recommendations to utilize various cost-share funds to improve medium and high risk areas
  • Certified members receive discounted services ($1000 value) from Compeer Financial plus the discounted products and services Yahara Pride Farmers receive.
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